mo & bsd

ich bin sooo froh, dass wir wieder miteinander reden.
ooah.ich kann's nicht oft genug sagen.
e h r l i c h.
du bist mir so wichtig x3~
ich lieb dich so doll arg sehr viel.x3



Everyone is watching, everyone is waiting.
No one's even hopeful, everyone's so jaded.
Good times never come
and bad times always seem to last.
And everything's so screwed up,
Cause we live our lives too fast.

So let's change this, rearange this.
Don't contribute, try to change it.
Be forgiving, to all living.
Because life's to short to hold a grudge for all time.

Please just try

Just try

Just try

Just try



7.11.07 07:46

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